Monal HR

Monal HR

The Perfect HR System For SMEs ( Small Medium Enterprise Solution)

“Ultimate Goal To Manage your Employee”

Easiest Way to Track Your Employee Works and Get the Best Results.

Track your Employee with their Worksheet

The online tracking system for your employee and their work report has been approved by the HR Manager

Manage Your Daily Visitors and Take Quick Action

We help to keep the record of the daily visitors and their purpose of visit.

Our Features

With lots of unique features, you can easily bring your company to automation. Please signup to move ahead.

Communication Tracking

Effective communication tracking is essential for maintaining transparency, ensuring compliance, and fostering a positive workplace environment.

Cash Book

Cash books are crucial for maintaining accurate financial records, tracking liquidity, and supporting financial decision-making.

Assets Management

Effective asset management involves strategic planning, maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of assets throughout their lifecycle